Das Langhuus wird ein „Dritter Ort“ – das ist im ureigensten Sinn des Projekts.

A barber shop in Brazil. The barber shop is an example of the third place; in many societies it has been a traditional area for (especially) men to congregate separate from work or home.

In community building, the third place is the social surroundings separate from the two usual social environments of home („first place“) and the workplace („second place“). Examples of third places would be environments such as churches, cafes, clubs, public libraries, or parks. In his influential book The Great Good Place, Ray Oldenburg (1989, 1991) argues that third places are important for civil society, democracy, civic engagement, and establishing feelings of a sense of place.

Quelle: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Third_place 

Begegnung, Austausch, Gemeinschaft … genau das wird im Langhuus geschehen.